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A Reader's Guide
Introduction and Background

1 American Empire and Its Competitors   America: 1621-1945
The Rise of European Nations and Migration to America (p.4), The Land Motive for Independence (p.10), Westward Expansion and the Louisiana Purchase (p.12), American Setback in Canada (p.14), The Alamo and the Annexation of Texas and Florida (p.15), The Mexican War and the Seizure of California and Oregon (p.17), Railroads and Territorial Consolidation (p.19), Genocide: The Destruction of the American Indian (p.20), Population, Gold and the Pioneer Spirit (p.23), Legends of the Conquest of America (p.25), Hawaii, Cuba and the Philippines: Empire Beyond the American Continent (p.27), Trade and the Expansion of America's Asian Interest (p.30), The Philippines: Conquest and Suppression (p.32), Theodore Roosevelt, the Panama Canal and Economic Imperialism (p.34), The Growth of 'Moralism' in American Politics and Foreign Policy (p.36), Emergence of America as 'the' Global Superpower (p.39), American Isolationism after the First World War (p.40), The Russian Empire: A Competitor to US Hegemony (p.41), Manchuria and the Rise of Japan (p.44), Isolationism Abandoned (p.49), A New Clash of Empires (p.52)
2 Potsdam, Hiroshima and the Atom Bomb  Japan: 1945
3 Mao and the Chinese Revolution  China: 1945-54
4 Emperor Hirohito and the Tokyo War Crimes Trial  Japan: 1945-8
5 Mahatma Gandhi: Passive Aggression India: 1945-7
6 'An Iron Curtain Has Descended' America-Soviet Union: 1945-61
7 Stalin, Mao and Truman: Post-War Alliances China: 1945-50
8 Chiang Kai Shek and the Flight to Taiwan Taiwan: 1945-9
9 MacArthur, Yoshida and the American Occupation of Japan
Japan: 1945-54
10 Ho Chi Minh and the Battle of Dien Bien Phu Vietnam: 1945-54
11 General Phibun: National Socialist Dictator Thailand: 1945-58
12 From Independence to Dependency Philippines: 1945-60
13 Lord Mountbatten and the Partition of India
India-Pakistan: 1945-7
14 Origins of the Korean War Korea: 1945-50
15 Aung San: Revolutionary and Turncoat Burma: 1945-9
16 Sukarno: The Founding Father Indonesia: 1945-50
17 Independence and the Racial Contract Malaysia: 1945-57
18 Lee Kuan Yew: Pocket Giant Singapore: 1945-64
19 Capitalist Redoubt Hong Kong: 1945-97
20 The Korean War Korea: 1950-3
21 The Great Leap Forward China: 1949-61
22 Dictatorship and Prosperity Taiwan: 1947-75
23 Nehru: The Fashioning of a Legend India: 1945-65
24 Jinnah and Pakistan's Failed Constitution Pakistan: 1945-65
25 Fall of Rhee and Park's 'Economic Miracle' South Korea: 1954-79
26 Kim II Sung: The 'Great Leader' North Korea: 1945-50
27 The Todai Oligarchs Japan: 1955-92
28 The Cultural Revolution China: 1961-70
29 Indira Gandhi: A Study in Nepotism India: 1966-84
30 Kennedy: Vietnam and the Vienna Summit
America-Vietnam: 1954-63
31 'The Year of Living Dangerously' Indonesia: 1950-68
32 LBJ and the Vietnam Quagmire Vietnam: 1963-9
33 The Trouble with Tigers Sri Lanka: 1945-94
34 Nixon in China America-China: 1969-71
35 The Night of the Intellectuals Bangladesh-Pakistan: 1965-73
36 Tet Offensive: Lost Victories America-Vietnam: 1968-75
37 The Bombing of Cambodia Cambodia: 1945-75
38 Revolution's End: The Deaths of Mao, Zhou Enlai, Lin Biao
China: 1970-6
39 The Murder of Aquino: The Disgrace of Ferdinand Marcos
Philippines: 1960-86
40 Coups d'Etat: A Way of Life Thailand: 1958-91
41 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Mohammed Zia ul-Haq
Pakistan: 1973-88
42 Pol Pot: Deconstructionism and Genocide Cambodia: 1975-9
43 The Gang of Four China: 1976-9
44 The End of the Tyrants Korea: 1979-2001
45 Dr Mahathir: The Acerbic Autocrat Malaysia: 1981-2003
46 Suharto: A Study in Kleptocracy Indonesia: 1965-98
47 Rogue State North Korea: 1980-2005
48 Bloodlust and Revenge Bangladesh: 1971-96
49 Cory Aquino and the Rocky Path to Democracy
Philippines: 1986-2000
50 Deng Xiaoping: 'Capitalist Roader No. 2' China: 1974-96
51 Benazir and Sharif: Rise and Fall of the Demagogues
Pakistan: 1988-99
52 The Narcotic State Burma: 1948-2005
53 Rajiv Gandhi: The Reluctant Pilot India: 1984-9
54 The Tiananmen Square Massacre China: 1987-9
55 Property Crash and the Lost Decade Japan: 1990-2000
56 Narasimha Rao and the Quiet Revolution India: 1990-2003
57 The Savaging of the Tiger Economies Asia: 1996-8
58 A Bungled Surrender Hong Kong: 1980-7
59 One China or Two? Taiwan: 1947-2005
60 Nukes and Mullahs Pakistan: 1973-2005
61 Asia Redux Asia: 1990-2010
China (p.706), Taiwan (p.707), Japan (p.708), South Korea (p.709), North Korea (p.710), Thailand (p.711), Malaysia (p.713), Singapore (p.714), The Philippines (p.715), Indonesia (p.716), Burma (p.718), India (p.718), Pakistan (p.720), Bangladesh (p.722), Sri Lanka (p.723), Vietnam (p.724), Cambodia (p.725)
62 From Cold War to End of Empire America-Asia: 1945-2009
'To serve and not to dominate the world' (p.726), The Soviet Dynamic, America's Post- War Asian Empire (p.728), The Damning of America (p.733), Reagan and Thatcher: Anglo-Saxon Revival (p.739), Collapse of the 'Evil' Empire (p.741), Peace Dividend: Global Expansion of American Values (p.743), Beginning of the End of America's Empire (p.745), Empires in Renewed Conflict? (p.749), Conclusions (p.752)


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