3 January: Australia: MacArthur given command of the invasion of Japan.

4 January: Burma: British Army occupies Akyab in southwest Burma.

9 January: The Philippines: US 6th Army invades Luzon (northern Philippines) at Lingayen Bay, 80 miles north west of Manila.

Saipan: General Hansell relieved of command of XXI Bomber Command and replaced by General LeMay.

10 January: Burma: Battle of the Irrawaddy River. General Frank Messervy advances on Pakkoku with IV Corps.

25 January: Burma: The Burma Road is reopened with the completion of the Ledo Road. The Burma-Ledo Road manages to bring a maximum of 6,000 tons per month to China versus 90,000 tons via the Hump.

29 January: The Philippines: US Rangers rescue 7,000 troops who had been locked up at Cabanatum Prison.


3 February: The Philippines: US 6th Army attacks Japanese in Manila.

Lt. Colonel ‘Hack’ Conner races to Santo Tomas University with his 1st Rangers to rescue civilian inmates of the prison camp.

7 February: The Philippines: MacArthur visits the outskirts of Manila where he announces the fall of Manila even though the fighting had barely begun.

14 February: Burma: General Messervy crosses the Irrawaddy River south of Mandalay and races toward the strategically important town of Meiktila whose capture will cut off the army in north Burma from its suppy routes from Rangoon.

Germany: Dresden is destroyed by firebombing in Allied raids.

15 February: Iwo Jima: Naval barrage of Iwo Jima begins.

16 February: The Philippines: US troops recapture Bataan.

19 February: Iwo Jima: US troops make amphibious landing on Iwo Jima.

24 February: Iwo Jima: US flag raised on Mount Suribachi and Joe Rosenthal takes his iconic photograph.

MARCH 1945

2 March: The Philippines: Corregidor recaptured.

3 March: The Philippines. US troops finally take Manila.

Burma: Strategically important town of Meiktila captured by Slim’s 14th Army.

9-10 March: Japan: Great Tokyo Air Raid organized by General LeMay. 346 B-29 Superfortresses kill 100,000 inhabitants by setting the city alight with incendiaries.

10 March: The Philippines. US army invades Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines.

15 March: The Philippines: Without authorization MacArthur embarks on Operation Victor to wipe out Japanese resistance in non-strategic areas including Mindanao on 15 March and Borneo on 1 May.

20 March: Burma: Mandalay in central Burma falls to General Slim’s 14th Army. Lord Mountbatten and General Leese rebuke General Slim for holding a victory march into Mandalay without them.

24 March: Iwo Jima: Japanese defense of Iwo Jima finally brought to an end. General Kuribayashi’s body never found.

27 March: Japan: Start of mine-laying campaign by B-29s in the Shimoneseki Strait.

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