JULY 1943

2 July: New Georgia: General Hester leads amphibious landing of US 43rd Division at Zannana and launches assault toward Munda Airfield.

5-6 July: Kolombangra: The Battle of Kulu Gulf. Supply convoy by 10 destroyers bound for New Georgia intercepted by Admiral Ainsworth with three cruisers and four destroyers in Kulu Gulf.

9-10 July: Italy: Allies land in Sicily.

15 July: New Georgia: Halsey replaces General Hester with General Griswold after the advance on Munda Airfield becomes stuck.

24 July: Germany: British bombing raids on Hamburg kill 60,000.


1-2 August: Kolombangra Island: J.F. Kennedy’s PT boat sunk in collision with Japanese destroyer off Kolombangra Island (Solomons). Leading his crew, he swims to safety on Plum Pudding Island.

5 August: New Georgia: Munda Point on New Georgia (Solomons) finally taken by General Griswold.

6-7 August: Solomons: Battle of Vella Gulf.

14 August: New Georgia: Seabees make Munda serviceable for flights. Within two months it becomes the busiest airfield in the Solomon Islands.

12 August: Southeast New Guinea: Mount Tambu taken on the advance from Wau to Salamaua.

16-21 August: North Coast New Guinea: Bombing and destruction of the airfields at the Japanese garrison of Wewak on the north New Guinea coast.

17 August: Canada: QUADRANT Conference. Churchill and Roosevelt meet in Quebec. It is agreed that Rabaul should now be bypassed.


11 September: New Guinea: Australian and US forces recapture Salamaua.

16 September: New Guinea: Australians occupy Lae on the Gulf of Huon.

22 September: New Guinea: Battle of Finschhafen. Australian and US troops land at Finschhafen on the easternmost tip of the Huon Peninsula.

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