15 March: Czechoslovakia: Country annexed by the Nazis.

April: America: Roosevelt warns of the dangers to America of the ‘autarkic’ tendencies of the totalitarian states.

24 July: Great Britain: Prime Minister Chamberlain signs the Cragie-Arita Agreement whereby, in appeasement of Japan, British rights in the international settlement in Shanghai were curtailed while Japan was allowed special rights.

24 August: Germany-Russia: Hitler and Stalin to Japan’s surprise sign the Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact.

25 August: Poland: Britain and Poland sign a mutual assistance treaty.

3 September: Poland: Germany invades Poland and Britain and France declare war.

29 September: Poland: Soviets and Nazis divide up Poland.

30 November: Finland: Soviets attack neighboring Finland in the start of the Winter War.

December: America: Roosevelt agrees a US25m credit for Japan.

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