MARCH 1942

1 March: The Battle of Sunda Strait: Cruisers HMAS Perth and USS Houston sunk.

4 March: America: Two Japanese seaplanes bomb Pearl Harbor.

4 March: Pacific Ocean: USS Enterprise attacks Japanese garrison on Marcus Islands.

7 March: Burma: General Slim with the British Army retreats northwest from Rangoon (Burma).

New Guinea: Japanese Army seizes towns of Salamaua and Lae in southeast New Guinea.

8 March: Dutch East Indies: Dutch Army surrenders at Jogjarkarta.

12 March: The Philippines: General MacArthur leaves by PT boat from Corregidor to Mindanao and then on to Australia.

The Philippines: Wainwright becomes new commander of Allied forces in the Philippines.

18 March: Australia: MacArthur appointed head of Southwest Pacific Theater.

America: War Relocation Authority established to intern Japanese Americans (120,000).

21 March: Burma: The Battle of Magwe: Japan Army Air Force (JAAF) begins heavy bombardment of Magwe Airfied in southwest Burma adjacent to the oil fields of Yenangyaung.

23 March: Bay of Bengal: Japan invades the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

24 March: Hawaii: Admiral Nimitz appointed Commander-in-Chief in the Pacific Theater.

25 March: Burma: The Battle of Toungoo. General Iida launches an attack on Chinese Army.

26 March: Australia: General MacArthur meets Prime Minister Curtin of Australia and assures him ‘I will see you through’.

29 March: Burma: Much to Stilwell’s fury Chiang Kai-shek orders a withdrawal of Chinese forces in Burma.

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