1 January: Borneo: Japanese invasion of Labuan Island (British) in north Borneo.

2 January: The Philippines: Manila and Cavite, US Naval base occupied by Japan.

5 January: The Philippines: US and Philippine troops on Bataan put on half rations.

6-8 January: Malaya: Battle of Slim River: British Army defeated as Yamashita’s force rush south towards Singapore.

7 January: The Philippines: Attack begins on Bataan Peninsula.

9 January: The Philippines: Heavy bombardment of Corregidor begins.

11 January: Dutch East Indies: Oil rich Dutch East Indies invaded.

Malaya: The British Army abandons Kuala Lumpur in northern Malaya.

13 January: Japan: Hirohito presses for the speeding up of the capture of Bataan.

13 January: Germany: Hitler begins U-boat offensive off the coast of the United States.

16 January: Burma: General Iida invades Burma

Malaya: The Battle of Muar River. British Army defeated again by Yamashita

19 January: Borneo: Japanese forces complete conquest of Northern Borneo

20 January: Germany: SS leader Heydrich holds ‘Final Solution’ conference on Lake Wannsee near Potsdam.

21 January: North Africa: Rommel counter-offensive in North Africa.

22 January: The Philippines: General Wainwright withdraws from the Abucay Line on Bataan.

23 January: New Britain: Australian forces at Rabaul (New Britain Island) attacked and port town taken.

Borneo: Naval Battle of Balikpapan. Minor allied victory when ABDA destroyer force of US destroyers sink four Japanese convoy ships off the west coast of Borneo.

Celebes: Japanese forces of the eastern thrust toward Java captures Kendari on the east coast of the Celebes.

25 January: Borneo: The Battle of Balikpapan. Japanese forces of the central thrust toward Java capture Balikpapan City.

26 January: Great Britain: First US forces arrive.

27 January: India: General Wavell appointed commander of American, British, Dutch and American Forces (ABDA).

30 January: Singapore: British forces retreat across causeway to Singapore and Japanese siege begins.

31 January: Malaya: Yamashita’s forces arrive at Johor Bahru on the southern tip of Johor facing across the channel to Singapore.

Singapore: British Army blows up the causeway linking Singapore and Johor.

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