1 December: Japan: The Emperor and Japan’s military leaders interpret the Hull note as giving them no option but to make the final decision to go to war with America.

5 December: Russia: German army halted in front of Moscow and the Soviet Army counterattacks.

7 December: Hawaii. Japanese carriers attack Pearl Harbor.

The Philippines: General Homma bombs the Philippines and destroys US Airforce on Luzon.

Malaya: General Yamashita invades Thailand and Northern Malaya.

8 December: US, Great Britain and Holland declare war on Japan.

10 December: The Philippines: General Homma invades the Philippines.

11 December: Germany: Hitler declares war on the United States.

11 December: Malaya: Battle of Jitra: General Percival first stand in northern Malaya.

Guam: Japanese forces occupy Guam.

Malaya: Naval Battle of Malaya: HMS Prince of Wales and HMS repulse are sunk off Malayan coast.

Wake Island: Japanese forces occupy Wake Island (a US Pacific territory)

16 December: Borneo: Japanese invade Borneo.

17 December: Malaya: British residents abandon Penang Island (northeast Malaya).

18 December: China: Japanese invade Hong Kong.

21 December: The Philippines: Homma’s main landing on Luzon at Lingayen Gulf to the North West of Manila.

22 December: America: ARCADIA Conference (First Washington Conference) begins with Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt and their respective military staffs.

23 December: The Philippines: General MacArthur withdraws his army to the Bataan Peninsula and himself to Corregidor Island at the entrance of Manila Bay.

24 December: The Philippines: Japanese forces land on Luzon 30 miles to the southeast of Manila.

25 December: China: British surrender in Hong Kong.

Burma: The Flying Tigers (American Volunteer Group: AVG) shoot down 10 Japanese aircraft over Burma.

27 December: The Philippines: Manila is bombed.

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