Notes - Hirohito's War

Chapter 1 - Empires in Conflict
Chapter 2 - Ultra-nationalism and the Death of Democracy
Chapter 3 - Japan versus China: From Phoney War to Total War
Chapter 4 - Mobilization for War in Asia: America and Japan
Chapter 5 - Pearl Harbor: Yamamoto’s Great Mistake
Chapter 6 - Plan ORANGE and MacArthur’s Philippines Debacle
Chapter 7 - Invasion of Malaya: Yamashita’s ‘Bicycle Blitzkrieg’
Chapter 8 - Fall of Singapore: Churchill’s Sacrificial Pawn
Chapter 9 - Burma Corps: Humiliation Then a Fighting Retreat
Chapter 10 - Dutch East Indies and Japan’s Quest for Oil
Chapter 11 - Limits of Empire: Doolittle and New Military Strategies
Chapter 12 - Battle of the Coral Sea: The First Carrier ‘Shoot-Out’
Chapter 13 - Battle of Midway: Nimitz’s Lucky Day
Chapter 14 - Battles of the Kokoda Trail: Aussies Triumphant
Chapter 15 - Guadalcanal: Battles of Tulagi, Savo Island, Tenaru and East Solomons
Chapter 16 - Guadalcanal: Battle of Edson’s (Bloody) Ridge
Chapter 17 - Guadalcanal: Henderson Field and the Santa Cruz Islands
Chapter 18 - Battles of Buna-Gona-Sanananda: MacArthur’s Lies and Neglect
Chapter 19 - Guadalcanal: Battle of Tassafaronga and Final Reckonings
Chapter 20 - Battle of the Bismarck Sea: Tipping Point of US Air Supremacy
Chapter 21 - Yamamoto Assassinated and the Battle of New Georgia
Chapter 22 - The Huon Peninsula: Operation CARTWHEEL Completed
Chapter 23 - The Isolation of Rabaul and the Starvation of Bougainville
Chapter 24 - The Battles of Arakan, Imphal, and Kohima: Slim Boxes Clever
Chapter 25 - The ICHI-GO Campaign and the Battle of Myitkyina
Chapter 26 - Battle for China: FDR, Chiang, Mao, and ‘Vinegar Joe’
Chapter 27 - Jump to Hollandia: MacArthur’s Greatest Victory
Chapter 28 - Pacific Island Hop: The Gilberts, Marshalls, and Carolines
Chapter 29 - The Great Marianas ‘Turkey Shoot’
Chapter 30 - The Invasions of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam: General Tojo Upended
Chapter 31 - The Battle of Leyte Gulf: ‘Bull’ Halsey’s Mad Dash for Glory
Chapter 32 - “I Have Returned”: MacArthur Regains the Philippines
Chapter 33 - The Battle of the Irrawaddy River: Slim’s ‘Mandalay Feint’
Chapter 34 - Iwo Jima: The Iconic Battle of the Pacific War
Chapter 35 - The Battle of Okinawa: Slaughter of the Innocents
Chapter 36 - LeMay’s B-29 Superfortresses over Japan: Cities in Ashes
Chapter 37 - Potsdam, Hirohito, and the Atom Bomb


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